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Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Our personal lines homeowner experts work with you to determine which the type of homeowners coverage that best suits your needs from multiple different companies. We offer competitive rates and broad, all risk comprehensive coverage for home insurance policies. Our home insurance programs provide a safety net for you and your family when certain unfortunate events happen like theft, fire, water damage or burglary. Our licensed agents help you select the right coverage to protect your home, personal property and your personal liability. If you own any rental units we can provide coverage for your income generating properties as well. We also offer umbrella liability policies and personal article floater policies to make sure that your liabilities and assets are always protected.

What is Homeowner Insurance and Why Do I Need it?

Homeowner insurance compensates you for losses to your home and your possessions inside it, so purchasing a homeowners policy provides added security for your investment. Home insurance also protects you if you’re legally liable for someone’s injuries on your property, as well as from financial losses caused by storms, fire, theft and other events outlined in your policy.

Secure Your House and Possessions

For homeowners, insurance protection is an important aspect of homeownership. Buying an insurance means buying protection for your home — both inside and out. We offer replacement cost for the value of your house and possessions.

Homeowner Insurance Coverage:

  • All Risk
  • Fire or Lightning damage
  • Windstorm or Hail damage
  • Water Damage
  • Freezing of plumbing system
  • Theft

Additional Coverage to Consider:

  • Umbrella Liability
  • Jewelry & Fine Arts

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Renters Insurance

Protect Your Apartment, Condo or House

If you are renting an apartment, home, or condo, you can protect your family with Renters Insurance. Renters insurance covers damages to your possessions when you rent rather than own your home. Our team of insurance experts, with decades of experience in the field, have helped thousands of renters to sign policies best suited to them. Renters insurance can protect your personal property against fire, theft and vandalism as well as from personal liability lawsuits.

What is Rental Insurance?

If you rent rather than own your home, having insurance protection for yourself and your possessions is still important. Renters insurance protects you in situations that everyone can face: fire, theft, water damage and other unforeseen circumstances–situations your apartment owner’s policy doesn’t cover. Imagine going to dinner or a family get-together, and when you return home, you’re greeted by the flashing lights of police cars and fire trucks. Building fires, floods, and other damage can happen any time, anywhere.

Renters insurance typically provides coverage, up to the limits you select, for specified items and situations, including:

  • Personal property (furniture, electronics, computer equipment, clothing, etc.)
  • Personal liability if someone is hurt, whether in your home or away from it
  • Damage to your apartment or home caused by a covered loss

Covers More Than Property and Possessions

Renters insurance will protect you from incidents that occur while you’re at home, too, such as a toaster catching on fire or a friend slipping and falling while visiting you. Renters insurance provides coverage for your own items, and it provides coverage for other people’s injuries or damages in situations for which you’re liable, as well.


  • Fire
  • Smoke damage
  • Theft
  • Collapse of the building due to weather
  • Water leakage or overflow
  • Freezing of plumbing, air conditioning and more

How do I get Homeowners or Renters Insurance?

Becoming insured by James S. Sullivan Agency, Inc. is easy! We sell homeowners and renters insurance at our local offices, online or over the phone. Please contact us!