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Speciality Products

Specialty Products (ATV’s, Boats or Snowmobiles)

If you have additional fun “toys” such as Snowmobiles, Boats or ATV’s– you guessed it, we can insure those as well and find you the best rates and coverage! We are experts in providing cost effective and quality coverage for:

  • Snowmobiles
  • Boats or Personal Watercraft
  • ATV’s

Winter time

Before You Head Out, Prepare to Protect! Your snowmobile is integral to snowy winter adventures. Your family can feel comfortable knowing snowmobile insurance is protecting them. We can insure up to five operators and up to four snowmobiles per policy. With our snowmobile insurance policy, you can insure just your snowmobile—no need to add it to a car or motorcycle policy.

Summer time

Watercraft and boat insurance ensures that you have a good time both on the water and off. Choose coverage options for boating in the open ocean or for winter storage. Fresh water boat coverage and insurance for your boat and accessories is also available.


Insuring your ATV is critical. We can arrange comprehensive coverage for both your ATV and any resulting liability. Protect yourself and your investment with our wide range of insurance options at great rates. Then, you can focus on hitting the trail for more off-road fun!

How do I get Specialty Products Insurance?

Becoming insured by James S. Sullivan Agency, Inc. is easy! We sell Snowmobile, boat and ATV insurance at our local offices, online or over the phone. Please contact us!